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Our Mission

The aim of the Vancouver Island Blacksmith's Association (VIBA) is to provide a vehicle to keep blacksmithing alive and healthy in British Columbia. Our community is always growing and we welcome new smiths of any skill level to join and contribute to our community as a club member or take part in one of our classes. 

About Us

The Vancouver Island Blacksmith's Association (VIBA) is a non-profit society committed to preserving and promoting the craft of blacksmithing in British Columbia. Our diverse membership, ranging from beginners to professionals and master blacksmiths, collaborates in an active and supportive community. We work together to develop and share our skills at our home shop located at the Luxton Fairgrounds.

VIBA members showcase their craftsmanship through public demonstrations at Country Fairs and Festivals, engaging with both the local community and wider audiences. To encourage the growth of new smiths, we host classes for the general public and skill workshops for existing members, featuring expertise from local and visiting blacksmiths.

Open to collaboration, VIBA welcomes partnerships, exchanges, and shared initiatives with other organizations. Our collective goal is to ensure the enduring legacy of blacksmithing, fostering connections and enriching the craft for present and future generations.

What's New

May 11-12, 10:00 am - volunteers needed for cleanup at the Luxton Fairgrounds.