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VIBA "Forge" Newsletter Volume 15 Issue 1 - JANUARY, 2002 Issue
FORGE is published monthly by and for members of the Vancouver Island Blacksmith's Association. Editors Mac and Isabel Tipton. Please address general correspondence for V.I.B.A. to 1040 Marwood Avenue, Victoria BC V9C 3C4, or directly to the appropriate executive member. Permission is given to reproduce any part of the Forge provided credit is given to the original source and the item is marked 'copyrighted' or specifically stated to be for the sole use of the Forge. Unless otherwise stated the editor is author of all material.

The FORGE makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained therein, but the executive officers and general members of the Vancouver Island Blacksmith's Association, and the editors and webmaster, specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for damages or injuries as a result of any construction design use or application of information contained in this newsletter.
The use of any information is solely at the user's own risk.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Sunday, January 27th, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. at Luxton Forge
-   If you have an annual report to present, bring it or send it with somebody who is coming.
-   If you have any ideas for programs or demos, bring them.

MINUTES (November 26th, 2001 Meeting)
Due to the absence of the secretary, the minutes were taken by Don Startin.   (- Thanks Don)

* Those present:   Raynier, Skip, Ray, Gus, Glenn, Neil, Mark, Jim, John, Jeremy, Wayne, Dennis, Charlie, Willy, Roger, Earle, Keith, Mac, Steve, Don

* Show and Tell:
   -Neil presented a book for the library called "Blacksmiths and Hammerman's Emporium" (Thanks Neil). He showed another book, "12 Rules of Paw-Paw's Forge".
   -Skip showed the artifacts from the Phil Baldwin demo. 2 bars of Damascus steel (etched by Skip), 1 spike tang knife, 1 full tang knife.
   -Glen showed pictures of his work (-Very impressive)
   -Ray showed a pair of aged tongs.
   -Roger showed a beautifully made door/gate lock.
   -From Library: Appi Untracht, "Metal Techniques for Craftsmen" Dewey decimal-737.1

*Minutes of previous meeting: Add that VIBA has a good supply of T-Shirts, mugs and caps
   -Motion to approve as amended, Seconded....CARRIED.


-Vote of thanks to Skip and Elva and all those who worked to make the Phil Baldwin demo a success. We are lucky to have Skip to keep in touch with demonstrators, arrange demos and even put up the demonstrators.

*Professional Smiths List:
-Any members who wish to be on the list should contact Raynier.

*Spring Demonstration:
-John Smith of Kootenay Forge will be the spring demonstrator. (Details later)

*Electronic Information:
-Our WEBSITE ADDRESS WILL BE CHANGING, as Mac is changing providers.
(Members would be better to use the I hope ABANA and the Editors List will patronize the  -Isabel)

*Nominating Committee:
Consists of Neil and Wayne, for the January, 2002 election.

*Nanaimo Chapter:
Jim reports that he now has 3 active members coming regularly to his shop. He asked for help in the form of tools for them to work with. Raynier thought we could help him out from the inventory at the Luxton shop.

*Demonstrator's Reward Draw:
$200 (Charlie), $50 (Willy), "Art of Blacksmithing" book (JP), T-Shirts (Ed and Mike), VIBA mug (George), Mug and angle grinder (Janice) - Thanks again, Frank for donating the grinder.

*Charles Ball grave fence project
The president announced a strategy meeting for members interested in helping would be held after the regular meeting.
*Motion to Adjourn. Carried.   The Meeting adjourned.

CHARLES BALL Project meeting
Those attending the Ball project meeting:
Raynier, John, Gus, Charlie, Mac, Willy, Neil, Jim, Skip, Glenn, Wayne, Steve, and Don.
After a wide ranging informal discussion, it was decided to meet at the Ross Bay cemetary at 11 am on Sunday, December 2nd, 2001 and view the project. Raynier will contact all of the above. If you want to come and aren't on the list, contact Raynier.


Happy 2002!
I hope everybody had a good Christmas! I tried to be really bad so that I could get some coal for Christmas, but no such luck... Well another year is behind us and it has been a good year for VIBA.

We have had demonstrations by Paul Thorne and Phil Baldwin, both were very informative. We had a busy fair demonstration season, it's a lot of work, but it helps a great deal to get our craft in the public eye.

We had fun at our summer picnic at Skip and Elva's house, and late in 2001 started to move forward on the Charles Ball Fence Project. And it looks like 2002 is going to carry on from there!

At this time I would like to thank some people who have made an extra effort to make 2001 a success for VIBA:
    -Thanks to Skip Kennedy for his work in organizing demonstrators for us to learn from and for being our Librarian. Also a big thanks to Skip and Elva for hosting our annual picnic, for giving our demonstrators a wonderful place to stay when they are here.
    - Thanks to John Marshall for maintaining the Fall Demo book and for being the head chef at the Phil Baldwin demo.
    - Thanks to Wayne Wonnenberg for being the head chef at the Paul Thorne demo.
    - Thanks to Neil Gustafson for Haulin' the Flying Forge about and making sure it still has four wheels.
    - Thanks to Mac and Isabel Tipton for being our Newsletter editors.
    - Thanks to Evelyn Tobler for being our Webmaster.
    - And a thanks to Ken Dexter for organizing the Spring and Fall Demonstrations.

So to everyone, I hope you a wonderful 2002, and I hope to see you at the AGM on January 27th, 2002.

- Raynier

Nominating Committee
Neil and Wayne have been diligently phoning you all - or as many of you as they can track down. If you have a hankering to be on the executive and your phone hasn't rung, give Neil a call.

Wayne is spending the next few weeks in Saskatchewan taking a wheelwright course, but hopes to be at the AGM on the 27th.

MEMBER PROFILE:  Harold Hennigar

This month, we feature Harold Hennigar, one of our long time members.

Harold was born in Upper Kennetcook, NS, where as the youngest of three boys, he got the "easy" job of driving the horses, and loved it. A working life in construction took Harold even farther West, stops in Manitoba and Vancouver, then the Island, and he says that he knew would stay as soon as he got here.

When retirement came along, his background in construction, his life-long love of horses and driving them, led to restoring wagons and carriages and the need for metalworking skills. He took Arne Noesgaard's course at Camosun College in the late 80's and that led to his joining the Vancouver Island Blacksmiths club. He says Neil was in the same class...the club did well out of that lot!

Harold was one of the prime movers and shakers in the building of the first VIBA portable forge (named Harold in his honour). "Forge Harold" did yeoman service at fairs and demos til replaced by the larger, better ventilated "Flying Forge" a few years ago. The name plaque from the old portable was given to Harold in recognition of all the time and work he put into the project.

Harold's first workshop, says his wife Robin, was her mother's kitchen table, but he progressed to his smithy on their property on McTavish Road.

When asked how the Wednesday and Saturday session came about, he said it was a class that just wouldn't stop coming. The Saturday one was for people who worked during the week, the Wednesday group for the retired or the irregularly employed. Somehow both sessions turned into a drop-in, pay a modest fee and get the use of the equipment, free help, group name it.

It seems to be a club-cum-family atmosphere, much appreciated by the participants. Quite a few of our members owe their successes to Harold's generosity, time and talent.

His life hasn't been easy the last few years...heart and cancer problems have caught up with him, and the treatments are not fun. He says one of the best things that has happened to him, was meeting and marrying Robin. For two strong-minded people, meeting late enough in life to have fairly settled habits, they have forged a very happy relationship - it's a pleasure to see them together. They have fun with the miniature horses, though they no longer own any, just have them on the property.

An earlier article told of Harold's involvement with Ben, the young boy who learned to drive Splash. I asked about Ben, and he is now spending his Saturdays playing soccer - and where do you suppose he learned both the coordination and the people skills to enable him to function in a group?

When asked what Blacksmithing project gave him the most satisfaction, Harold replied that it would be hames for the working harness for the miniature horses. He credits Frank Clayton for technical help, but Harold did most of the work.

Nice when all your interests coincide, isn't it?

Harold is the only member to be permanently appointed to the executive of VIBA. We have several life members, but only one for-life director.

Thanks, Harold, for all your support of the Club over the years.