Bound by Fire
Metal Art Show in honour of Mac Tipton
Hosted by West Shore Arts Council and Vancouver Island Blacksmiths Association

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The Vancouver Island Blacksmith and the West Shore Arts Council hosted a Metal Art Show at the 2006 Luxton Fall Fair to honour Mac Tipton and what he has brought to our blacksmithing community over the last few decades.

Bound by Fire - Metal Art show honouring Mac Tipton
Exhibit Tent at Luxton Fair

Mac and Isabel Tipton
Mac and Isabel Tipton
About Mac Tipton
About Mac Tipton (link to Bio to come soon)
West Shore Arts Council
Plate rack by Mac Tipton
Plate rack by Mac Tipton
Candle Holder by Mac Tipton
Candle holder by Mac Tipton
Copper and Silk dish by Isabel Tipton
Copper & Silk bowl by Isabel Tipton