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Help us preserve the art of blacksmithing by contributing to our community. Your donations play a vital role in sustaining our organization.

Below are the kinds of donations we are actively seeking:

1. Blacksmith/Foundry Equipment:

  • Anvils, forges, hammers, and other historic tools contribute to our educational programs and workshops, allowing aspiring smiths to connect with the roots of the craft.

2. Hand Tools:

  • Hammers (whole or heads), tongs, chisels, files, and other hand tools are invaluable for our hands-on training sessions, demonstrations and workshops.
  • Handle wood - scrap hardwood pieces large enough to be shaped into replacement handles for broken tools are welcome.

3. Power Tools:

  • Shop equipment suited to metal and woodwork is always of interest.

4. Blacksmithing/Metalworking Books & DVDs:

  • VIBA has a library of blacksmithing books and DVD’s for members to study and is grateful to anyone wishing to donate relevant books or media to our archive.

How to Donate

Reach Out: If you have items to donate, please contact us through our website contact form and tell us how you wish to contribute.

Arrange Pickup: We can usually coordinate the pickup of large or heavy items for your convenience.

Financial Contributions: If you prefer to contribute financially, you can also arrange to make a donation.

By donating, you become an integral part of our mission to preserve the art of blacksmithing for current and future generations.

Thank You for Your Support.